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A guide to James Sprunt Community College's Makerspace and its tools.

What is a Makerspace?

The James Sprunt Community College Makerspace is a location in which the students, faculty, and guests of the James Sprunt Community College Library can go to tinker and create using specialty tools and devices designed to both encourage creativity and give the users a hands-on way of engaging with their courses through the creation of items that either directly relate to their studies or can be used to enhance their course projects. For non-students, the Makerspace grants them a space where they can make use of tools they may not otherwise have access to to create items they may otherwise have never thought they could.

The JSCC Makerspace hopes to encourage the creativity of its users and inspire them to use that creativity to move themselves ahead in life. As with other Makerspaces in Public Schools, Community Colleges and other institutions of higher learning across the country, learning through hands-on work is an integral part of the JSCC Makerspace experience. Whether users take what they learn and applies it to their continuing education at JSCC or elsewhere, their employment under others, or even are inspired to lead small business ventures of their own, the Makerspace is provided to help inspire that education and interest from start to finish.

What will you make?


The JSCC Makerspace is made possible thanks to funding from the Golden LEAF Foundation.

Makerspace Projects

T-shirt designs using the Cricut

3D printing!

Designing holiday ornaments with the Cricut

DECHS using the heat press

Video with green screen project

Other tools!

Makerspace Agreement

Students and community members must read, complete, and return to the library the following form before using the Makerspace.

What's in the Makerspace?

The James Sprunt Community College Makerspace is host to a number of tools for use by our student body in the creation of cool and exciting things. The complete list of tools we offer are as follows:

Users are encouraged to bring their own materials to use in conjunction with the tools provided.

  • Green Screen

Our green-screen is available to student and community member use to aid in the production of videos. Using "chroma keying," the green screen allows you to replace the color green with any image, thereby letting you set a scene in a place you otherwise couldn't, such as a volcano, a jungle, or space. The programs needed to use it will be provided.

  • Dry-erase Table

Doubling as storage for many of the Makerspace's supplies, the top of this workstation is large enough to seat a small group and can be drawn or written on with dry-erase markers, allowing students to plan our how they want to approach products. Stools around it provide seating for four people to allow for group work. ONLY PRE-APPROVED DRY-ERASE MARKERS MAY BE USED ON THIS TABLE.

  • 3D Printer

The 3D Printer is kept separate from the rest of the Makerspace materials and is located by the main library desk. The 3D Printer is connected to a special laptop and available for student and public use. The 3D Printer can be used to create all sorts of small or medium-sized items out of plastic filament provided by the library, with the blueprints for these items easily found on a number of websites (such as

For more information on use of the 3D printer, see the 3D Printing tab.

  • Wood-burning Tool

The Wood-burning Tool can be used to burn designs into a piece of wood, usually by following a previously-designed pattern traced onto the piece. This is an excellent tool for creating a unique form of artistic expression.

  • Ipads

Included with all the aps needed to take pictures, record video and audio, and interface with some of the other technologies in the Makerspace included, these tablets are an invaluable tool for making full use the space.

  • Jigsaw

This power tool can be used to cut arbitrary curves into wood or similar materials, allowing Makerspace users to cut irregular designs into their woodworking (or similar) projects to enhance the quality and uniqueness of their final product. THIS TOOL IS DANGEROUS, USE IT RESPECTFULLY.

  • Assorted Tools

Screwdrivers, glue guns and glue sticks, tape measures and rulers, saws, drills, staples, sandpaper, foam board, sewing supplies, and other tools and assets to be used in projects of many kinds.


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