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A video tutorial for the JSCC Library Homepage.


Hello and welcome to James Sprunt Community College’s library webpage.

This tutorial will run over the features of the main page and how you can use them.

  • Spartan Search, Links, Online Journals A-Z, Search

On the left hand side of the page you will find the search options we offer.

The first of these is the Spartan Search section and search box.  This is our all-encompassing search engine.

It can be used to search for items of all types in both our physical collection and a number of online databases.

Below the search box you will find links to both the library catalog search engine and the NCLive Database search engine, if you wish to search either separately.

Below these you will then see a downloadable Cheat Sheet that will help you learn how to use the Spartan Search tool.

The next tool is a link to the online journals to which JSCC is subscribed. [click]

Clicking this link will take you to another page, which will allow you to search based on the title of the journal or scroll through an alphabetized list of all journals.

  • Visit the Library, Contact Us, Workshops/Events

Returning to the main page, and remaining on the left hand side, below Online Journals A-Z you will find a collection of contact and operating information that will help you get in touch with JSCC library’s most valuable resource: its librarians. 

We highly encourage you to peruse this information, and pay special attention to the workshops listed, as they can help provide you with valuable extracurricular instruction.

If you are teaching faculty at JSCC, please note that we are always more than happy to make in-class appearances as well as host instructional sessions at times that better suit your schedule.

Use the information given to contact us if you have any pressing questions or requests.

  • Get Started, Get Research Help, Course Guides

Scrolling back to the top, we now look at the center column of the page.

Here you will find the vast majority of our in-house-created tools.  Library card registration, library orientation and F-A-Qs, a second link to our subscribed databases, research and writing advice and more.

Clicking the “Research Help” section’s “Learn More About Research” link will take you to our largest informatory page. [click]

We encourage you to make use of it and the list of specialty course guides in the section below, or to encourage your students to make use of it, in order to better your research and writing skills.

  • Info For…, Follow Us

If you have a Facebook account, we would also like to invite you to follow us on ours, which can be accessed by clicking the link located by the bottom of our webpage.

We use our Facebook page to post update for both technical updates and information relating to upcoming or in-progress events hosted by the library.

We want to connect with our patrons in order to get more frequent, personal feedback, and hope you will help us with that goal by following and participating with our page.

  • What Do I Read Next, New Books

Returning to the top of the page one final time, we look at the right-side column.

In the first section, “What Do I Read Next?” we have appraised items from our collection and organized them based on specific subject topics to provide our patrons with an easy way to look up the stories they are most interested in.

Whether you’re a fan or fantasy, horror, or sports literature; e-books or graphic novels and more; we have something for you.

We also provide a quick-access link to NoveList, which fulfills the same purpose but on a much larger scale and not limited to what materials we have in our collection.

New Books, those recently added to our collection, are also featured here as well, both fiction and non-fiction.  If you are interested in items recently added to our collection, look no further.

  • Interlibrary loan

The interlibrary loan link will take you to a webpage detailing the functions and restrictions of our interlibrary loan system.

This allows you to request books and articles that we do not have to be mailed to us from any of the 50 other libraries we are linked with, vastly increasing the range of materials we have to offer.

Clicking the link located at the bottom of each tab will take you to a fillable request form.  Once this form is completed and submitted, we will begin the process of requesting the book or article, and alert you when it arrives.

Please note that it can take some time for the loaned book to arrive, averaging at about a week.  If you plan on making use of this service, allot appropriate time for it to show into your schedule.

  • Currently Featured

And lastly, at the bottom of the final column is our currently featured section, where we showcase an item of great importance to JSCC.

As of this video’s production, the currently featured item is the JSCC Spartan Skills, as you can see; the guidelines and goals we as an institution hope to master and impart onto our students.

  • Conclusion

Thank you for watching, we hope this video was helpful to you.

If you have further questions, please contact any of our library staff.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in the library.

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