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Library Instruction

Learn about library resources and services available for JSCC and DECHS faculty.

Why incorporate library instruction?

  • Librarians know what resources are available and how to use them. (You can also consult us when designing your assignments.)
  • You'll connect your students to a campus resource they might not know about.
  • If students hear about plagiarism or Chicago-style citation from someone else, they'll know you're not making it up.
  • Your students are citing Facebook and eHow… and don't know why that's a problem.
  • No research paper? We can help out with other assignments, too.

    General considerations
  • It is more effective if students don't  hear the same summary in multiple classes
  • Learning that "this strategy for this database works for my assignment" is more useful than several quick demos in a row
  • Encourage or require your students to attend one of our open orientations – they're offered during the first month of each semester
  • The more time we have to prepare, the more we can tailor the session to the class

Request library instruction

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Contact us

Contact the library staff

Live instruction options

How can we help your seated or hybrid class? Here are some instruction options to consider:

Library tour / orientation

This session includes a tour of the physical library,  an introduction to library resources and services , and overview of the library web site. Regularly offered as open workshops at the beginning of each semester.

Classroom visit

 A librarian can come to your classroom to deliver a presentation. Our new mobile circulation app will enable us to bring materials with us and check them out outside the library!

Customized instruction session

A librarian can tailor the session around a specific assignment. Talk to the librarian about the timeline for your assignment so we can find the optimal time to introduce students to resources.

  • One-shot or more?

  • Depending on the complexity of the assignment, students might benefit from multiple sessions. For instance, in one class meeting, we could discuss strategies for finding useful sources; in the next, students would learn how to process a scholarly article.

Class research time in the Library or Student Success Center 

Reserve time in the Library or Student Success Center. A librarian can also be scheduled to provide research support for your class.

William H. Wiggs Library Instruction Program Learning Outcomes

  • The Association of College & Research Libraries' (ACRL) Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education informs the William H. Wiggs Library's instruction program.  
  • ​The six frames guide the Library in its efforts to create an instruction curricula which delivers the essential concepts of information literacy.

Online instruction options


We want to connect students to the best resources for their needs.  LibGuides are used to recommend titles or databases, provide instructions and search tips and to help students easily contact the library staff.

We can make as many guides and pages as we need – you can view all of the current guides here. Currently, content ranges from broad academic skills (e.g., plagiarism) to resources for a given discipline (psychology, nursing, etc.), and even pages targeting specific assignments (such as a class debate for ENG 112).


We can help you to link to any library content.

We have self-contained Moodle modules (with assessments) which can be seamlessly imported into your Moodle course.

We are happy to collaborate with you to develop any content for your Moodle course.


We can connect with your students as a class, or individually to provide instruction in research and use of library resources for any subject area. 

Want something different?

We're open to new ideas! Let's talk about what your classes are up to and how we can collaborate.

Beyond the classroom

Open workshops

Every month, the library offers a schedule of workshops open to anyone. If you'd like to offer extra credit to students who attend, please notify library staff. We will provide proof of attendance.

Librarians welcome recommendations for workshop topics. However, as attendance is much higher when course points are attached, we prioritize those extra-credit sessions when making the schedule.

Research consultations

We will schedule one-on-one meetings with students in support of a research assignment. Please contact us if you're interested, and refer students to the library. (Note: digital consultations using Zoom are available by appointment and open sessions..)

All websites, articles, images, videos, etc., linked on this site are provided for informational purposes only. External content is not maintained by James Sprunt Community College, nor does it represent the views of the College or its employees. Please notify the library staff if you have concerns about linked content. Students are expected to evaluate all web and print resources and to determine their appropriate academic uses. A hyperlink to a resource or article from these LibGuides does not constitute an endorsement of that resource or article by the library.

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