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Library and online resources for nursing and allied health students.

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Catalog search tips

  • Keep it simple!
  • Check your spelling! The catalog won't correct typos.
  • Write down call numbers and locations to find the book on the shelf.
  • Use quotation marks to search for phrases
    "evidence-based practice"
  • Use AND to narrow searches: records must contain both terms
    nursing AND clinical
  • Use OR to broaden searches: records can contain either term
    children OR pediatric
  • Use NOT to clarify searches: records cannot contain the term after NOT
    radiation NOT solar
  • Search with root words using the symbol $
    pharmac$ finds "pharmacology," "pharmaceutical," "pharmacy," etc.
  • Use ? to indicate an unknown letter
    wom?n finds "woman" and "women"
  • Remember to allow at least 1 week for books requested from other libraries to arrive

Browse for books

Browse for books in the Reference section or general collection by subject.

Call range Subject
R Medicine
RT Nursing


Outlines of the classification system are posted in the library and at the Library of Congress website.

Books at JSCC

Books at JSCC

Recently acquired books on topics in nursing and medicine – see more on our New Books guide.

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